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11 Great Gift Ideas For Guitarists

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OK folks, here is a gift ideas list for any occasion so you can treat the guitarist in your life. Some of these will make music playing easier, some will give more ways to enjoy music and some will show the world how much you love music! If you need any advice, please ask us.

  1. Merchandise from your favourite bands! Check out band websites for clothing, jewellery, bags, stationary or picks. This is such a great way for kids and teens to express themselves to the world.
  2. Tickets to ‘online’ gigs and ‘online’ performances or ‘online’ master classes
  3. A good quality guitar strap (€ 20+). When used properly, the strap will relieve tension in your shoulder and back muscles making playing easier. Take your instrument in and choose a strap that you like the look and feel of. Get the store to check it works your instrument (some acoustic guitars need straps that button on, some need straps that tie on).
  4. New strings (€ 15+). Some guitarists forget to change their strings! For a small fee the store can put them onto your instrument. This will make a huge improvement to the sound of your playing. Some of you could also change to lighter strings which will be more comfortable.
  5. Clip-on tuner (€ 5+). Yes, we know you can use the free Guitar Tuna on a Smart phone BUT the clip on tuner can stay clipped onto your instrument AND keep you away from your phone. It makes easier for you to tune in class, rehearsals, jams and performances. There are fun shaped and coloured ones for children.
  6. An instrument stand (€15+) so your musical instrument can live outside of its case – making it easier to pick up and play! If you are short on floor space, you can get a wall mounted instrument holder – which will keep things tidy.
  7. A footstool (€6-20). This helps your instrument balance better on you, reducing shoulder and back muscle tension. Your fingers will SPEED up!
  8. New picks (€1-15) You can even get custom designed picks or glow in the dark ones.
  9. A Capo (€5-30) – this lets you play in different keys easily. They are great for social events around singers with different vocal ranges.
  10. For electric guitarists, effects pedals are ALWAYS a big want! There are many different kinds from delays to distortion, from wah-wahs to loop pedals. Prices vary from around €50 upwards.
  11. An instrument upgrade! Do not hesitate to ask or email us with any questions about instrument upgrading. It’s an exciting thing and we can help you know what to consider. This will make it less overwhelming. For children, we recommend you chat to us or email first before upgrading.

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