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12 Great Gift Ideas For Guitarists

Illustration of a set of wrapped up presents

Here are some great gift ideas so guitarists and bass guitarists can treat themselves OR drop hints to people who want to treat them for any occasion!

If you need any advice please do ask us- give us a ring or an email!

  1. New strings (€ 15+). So, your strings have been on your guitar how many years ewww! New strings make a HUGE improvement to the sound of your playing. When you are in store check what gage/thickness are the best – lighter strings are more comfortable. Some stores will do the string set change for a small fee. Easy!
  2. Tickets to music gigs, musicals, movies about musicians and bands! 
  3. For electric guitarists, effects pedals are ALWAYS a big want! There are many different kinds from delays to distortion, from wah-wahs to loop pedals. Prices vary from €50 upwards.
  4. An instrument upgrade! Do not hesitate to ask us any questions about instrument upgrading, where to go, what to consider…..  
  5. A footstool (€7-30). This can help your guitar sit in a better position so you will have better posture, less muscle tension and better technique.
  6. All things vinyl– records are still baaack, record players, record vouchers.
  7. Merchandise from your favourite bands and musicians- check their websites for merch!
  8. A guitar stand (€10+) so your instrument live outside of its case – this makes it easier to pick up and play! If you are short on floor space, you could get a wall mounted instrument holder – which will keep things tidy.
  9. A really excellent quality lead/ cable. Good leads really reduce annoying unwanted noises and yes gold plated cable plugs are real. Some brands have lifetime warrantees. Those of you who are performing may want to consider a different length of cable. There are lots of new colours so you can accessorize them to complement your guitar.
  10. New speakers or headphones for pure music listening pleasure! Soooo good.
  11. A new gig bag– maybe yours looking weary and has dodgy zips? There are a lot more stylish + very comfortable gig bags. You can even get a gig bags that hold 2 guitars so you can bring both types in to class!
  12. A FULL guitar set up. This guitar servicing can really help your guitar sound SO much better and easier to play for YOU.

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