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3 Common Frustrations for Beginner Guitarists

Not Having Enough Time To Play Guitar

You don’t need hours and hours a day to get REALLY good at the guitar!

It’s much more important to do the right things, in the right order, and to be able to focus properly when you are playing. If you do this you will make the most effective use of your practice time and you will consistently improve your playing each week.

Even with 3-4 hours a week of playing time, many players have become great players over the space of a few years. It’s really important that you find a great teacher who can show you the best, most innovative practice methods and techniques available.

Not Being “Good Enough” To Play Guitar

Everyone encounters self-doubt from time to time. Everyone questions their own abilities sometimes. Those who become really good at playing the guitar learn how to ignore that voice that says “I’m not good enough!” and “I can’t do it!”. It may be a cliche at this stage, but Henry Ford’s saying “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right” is absolutely true in my experience.

You can play the guitar AS WELL AS YOU CHOOSE TO. If you choose to become a virtuoso guitarist, that choice may involve a change in lifestyle to allow you to practice for a few hours a day. But if you choose to become an excellent guitarist, you can do it with one hour a day practice or even less if you know the practice methods and techniques I mentioned above.

Having Physical Difficulties Such As Big Hands or Small Hands

If you can write, drive a car, cook a meal, go for a walk, play a video game – or any other normal everyday activity. Having big or small hands can’t and won’t stop you if you REALLY desire to learn to play the guitar. There are people with NO HANDS who play the guitar well using their feet, for goodness sake! Such as this guy for example:

Another inspiring example of a guitarist playing with huge physical limitations was actually one of the most influential jazz guitarists of all time: Django Reinhardt. He was badly burned in a fire at age 17 and lost the use of the 4th and 5th fingers of his fretting hand. Did he give up? No! He relearned how to play with 2 fingers and went on to do things like this:

These guys can achieve such incredible heights with no arms, or fingers missing, and you are thinking your hands are a wee bit small to play the guitar??!!!

Listen – YOU CAN DO THIS. It’s not that hard.

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