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Adult Intermediate Group Guitar Classes

In-School + Livestream classes running NOW and throughout Summer 2021!!

So you want to take your acoustic guitar playing to a far higher level?


Have you spent a long time learning to play fingerstyle guitar pieces, but you find it really hard to get the timing conistently right? Can you get a good clear sound from your guitar when you’re fingerpicking, or is it a bit of a mess?

Do you love listening to fingerstyle guitar by players like Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Mark Knopfler, Don Ross or Lari Basilio, but you aren’t sure how to get your playing up to the level of those players? Some pieces are way too easy, and some are way to hard, and you can’t find a good progression of pieces to help you get better in a logical, step by step way!

If so, this could be the answer for you: a guitar class where you can learn fingerstyle guitar with an experienced teacher. In a class with other students you’ll be motivated much more than by playing all on your own. Seeing your fellow students play is a great way to find new music that you would like to play too. An excellent teacher will be able to show you how to practice and learn songs in a much more easy-to-understand way than if you were trying to figure it out on your own.

The system we use for teaching fingerstyle guitar at USOM is unique. It’s based on a step-by-step method of learning fingerstyle patterns that go from easy ones, like Everybody Hurts, to harder ones like the Alternating Thumb pattern, to advanced styles like Travis Picking.

Of all the different guitar styles you can practice, fingerstyle is one where you will notice the most improvement from week to week. This is because unlike with chords or improvising, as you practice a fingerstyle pattern, it gets smoother and more consistent each day you practice it until the pattern flows almost automatically!

This is what you will get when you study fingerstyle guitar with us:

If you are wondering whether or not you have the ability in you to become a great fingerstyle guitarist – you will only find out by giving it a try. Don’t wait, don’t put it off… start now!

Our students do not ONLY get lessons when they join our school. You also get:

  • Access to LIVESTREAM classes via Zoom for when you can’t make your regular class
  • Access to our private facebook group where you can ask questions and meet other students. You could even post a video there of your playing for feedback if you are brave enough!

So if you want to improve your fingerstyle guitar playing, start now, by filling in the form below. You will be contacted, usually within 24 hours, by a member of our team, and you will be able to schedule a free assessment.

We look forward to working with you.

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Covid Safety Notice

Since being allowed to reopen in mid-June, all students and teachers are being spaced 2m apart and regular cleaning takes place. There is access to hand sanitizer and cleaning products in every room. Teaching rooms have air purification units. All staff have been comprehensively trained on Covid safety. We have been successfully running like this since June.

We currently offer both online and in-person lessons. For our online-only classes, please go to this page. For in-person lesson (where you ALSO get the amazing option to reschedule classes using our Zoom livestream class), fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can:

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