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Beginner Classes

Activator Program: 1 hour of class per week

€177 for 4 weeks, 8-9pm Tuesday nights

(normally sold at €197)


Determinator Program: 2 hours of class per week

€220 for 4 weeks, 7-9pm Friday nights

(normally sold at €297)

In our definition, you are a “beginner” on guitar if you:

  • Can’t play many songs very well yet
  • Don’t know many chords, and have some trouble changing smoothly from chord to chord
  • Have trouble playing chords cleanly (getting all the strings to ring out)
  • Have difficulty remembering chord shapes
  • Can’t play in time very well yet, and don't know many strumming patterns
  • Can’t get anything to sound very good yet!

If you can do some or all of these things, we recommend you try our intermediate guitar course!

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