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Group Guitar Classes For Children from 10 Years And Up

Hybrid format (In-school + Livestream) group classes running NOW and throughout Summer 2021!!

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Most music schools and guitar teachers DO NOT KNOW how to effectively teach children from the age of 10 and up. We know this because of the number of desperate parents ringing us looking for an alternative. Their children’s interest in learning music is nearly gone as a result of having struggled through boring or badly taught lessons elsewhere.

Actually, we also get ADULTS calling us who had similarly bad childhood music lessons. It’s taken them 20 to 30 years to regain enough confidence to take the first step to enquire about trying again. And even then, they are highly anxious and doubtful about their own abilities. That really is a shame because the process of learning music should always be fun and positive. What we have created is a really exciting music program for children where they will achieve their potential in an enthusiastic environment.

*We currently space students 2m apart to adhere with health and safetly guidelines for social distancing*

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Here at Ultimate School of Music, we have a unique approach to teaching children. Above everything, we strive to make learning music FUN! The lessons have to be enjoyable so that children build a great association between music and having a good time. Each child gets the RIGHT level of musical challenge for them. You might not know this, but there are a huge amount of other benefits that children get from learning music, which we have definitely noticed, including:

  • Learn to play music in a fun, supportive environment so they gain confidence in themselves as they grow
  • Improved concentration skills so that they do better in school
  • A great sense of self-fulfilment and satisfaction
  • Improved memory
  • Early musical creativity that helps them express their own individuality
  • Character building by gaining in self-confidence and coming out of shyness
  • Better two-hand coordination (much more skill than swiping a tablet)
  • Higher perseverance – they see how being patient and trying really does pay off, which is a very useful life skill
  • Greater self-discipline – they start to see that their results always come from their own efforts

The core problem most teachers have with teaching young children music is that they do not do the following:

  • See the lesson from the point of view of the child
  • Make the lessons simple enough to easily understand
  • Create a fun atmosphere which fosters a real desire to get better at playing their instrument

Our way of teaching encompasses all these three points. We aim to get our young students hooked on playing music so that they’ll enjoy it for life. Enthusiasm is contagious and the whole team at Ultimate School of Music is extremely enthusiastic about music and music education. In addition to this, most schools will not help YOU learn how to:

  • Encourage (not nag!) your child to play their instrument at home
  • Use rewards to encourage playing in the early stages, until playing becomes its own reward
  • Know what your child should be doing while they are playing their instrument at home

But we will. We’ll teach you the best ways to do all of that, ways which we have developed over many years. And if you ever have any questions about anything, you can always ask us, we’re here to help.

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My son Daniel has been coming to guitar for a year and 4 months now. It was his first time to take up an instrument. He’s getting on really well, he really enjoys it because the guitar is portable and he can take it anywhere; he loves coming here, it’s given him a sense of pride. The encouragement he gets from family and friends keeps him motivated. He often comes home from school and he’ll take out the guitar and play away. I think it’s a de-stress mechanism sometimes; if he’s had a tiring day at school he’ll switch off and play the guitar – I think it’s really helped his concentration in school as well. It’s all been really beneficial.

I would highly recommend Ultimate School of Music because the teachers are fantastic, they are really interested and motivated. They also have a relationship with the students which is very natural. Daniel looks forward to coming in. It’s been an amazing progression. He has a great repertoire of music now, he can play up to 20 songs. He likes to show off his skills! From not being able to play anything, to being able to play full pieces of music. We have a great sense of pride in him because we enjoy listening to him and he enjoys playing so we’re all winners. We’re all very impressed!

– Fionnuala C.

About Ultimate School of Music

Ultimate School of Music was founded by Daniel Jacobson who has been teaching guitar for 25 years. During that time he has studied with internationally renowned guitar teachers, not just as a student of guitar, but as a student of guitar teaching methods. There are many innovative advances in guitar teaching which we use, unlike the vast majority of teachers who continue teaching in a very old-fashioned way. The innovative teaching methods we use will show your child how to get better every time they play their guitar. By attending Ultimate School of Music your child will:

  • Learn to play music in a fun, supportive environment so they gain confidence in themselves as they grow
  • Widen their experience of music as they learn songs from different bands and genres as well as their own favourites
  • Develop their musical ear as well as their physical coordination, through fun musical games
  • Develop a real love for music which will last them a lifetime
  • Increase their academic ability through improving concentration span and memory skills

If this sounds like the kind of school you would love your child to join, fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch. We’re really looking forward to getting the opportunity to work with you and your child.

Covid Safety Notice

Since being allowed to reopen in mid-June, all students and teachers are being spaced 2m apart and regular cleaning takes place. There is access to hand sanitizer and cleaning products in every room. Teaching rooms have air purification units. All staff have been comprehensively trained on Covid safety. We have been successfully running like this since June.

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