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Group Guitar Classes For Children from 10 Years And Up

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Here at Ultimate School of Music, we strive to make learning music FUN so children build a strong association between learning to play music and having a great time. From the get go all our lessons are focussed around learning to play songs- after all this is why they are learning to play guitar and it gets them hooked. We want children to get as much enjoyment from learning to play music as listening to music. Over time as they advance we will sprinkle in the right amount of relevant music theory in a fun way.

Enthusiasm is contagious and the whole team at Ultimate School of Music is extremely enthusiastic about music. Our group class format gives an informal, friendly band like feel.

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Here Are Some of The Things Parents Say About Our Children's Guitar Lessons:

My son loves going to each lesson. Daniel and Lisa are great at responding to any questions or struggles we might have. They always respond to my queries promptly. And their advice turned out to be very helpful each time I needed it.

My son continues to get better and better so much so that he brought a few of his classmates together to perform a Christmas song which turned out a big highlight of this year’s Christmas Play. 🙂

Paulina H

Very supportive, professional and child centered. We had a super experience and highly recommend Daniel and Lisa’s school.

Dans Animation Clabby

Our young son expressed an interest in Ukulele. He explored this interest under the careful watch of Daniel and Lisa. The school puts no musical pressure on children. It has a very unique approach and children are supported to engage with music in a creative model that is tailored to their interest levels. After commiting to classes for over 2 years, our son suddenly decided he would like to take a break from formal learning. I can’t say enough positive things about how Daniel and Lisa handled this decision. Our son worked through a phase out model and has left the school feeling extremely proud of his commitment, with an internal musical knowledge and an appreciation of music to explore as a life long passion.

Years ago, this outcome may have been deemed as failure. A school may have seen the financial incentive of maintaining the student, while in the backdrop, the child lost all interest and positivity for music. This school puts the music first and there is no brow beating. Daniel and Lisa provide a very important heart beat in Dun Laoghaire and it has been a pleasure to visit USOM weekly.

Paili M

I would highly recommend Ultimate School of Music because the teachers are fantastic, they are really interested and motivated. They also have a relationship with the students which is very natural. Daniel looks forward to coming in. It’s been an amazing progression. He has a great repertoire of music now, he can play up to 20 songs. He likes to show off his skills! From not being able to play anything, to being able to play full pieces of music. We have a great sense of pride in him because we enjoy listening to him and he enjoys playing so we’re all winners. We’re all very impressed!

Fionnuala C

Sorry, we are no longer accepting students!