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Covid Safety Notice

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What We Have Done at Ultimate School of Music For Safe In-School Guitar Classes

Hi everyone, welcome to Ultimate School of Music – we are an Irish family run guitar school based in Dun Laoghaire. What a challenging year 2020 has been, but thanks to the incredible support of our student body we have adapted and look forwards to helping many more people of all ages enjoy playing guitar!

Now more than ever, the enjoyment and fun of learning to play guitar and have some craic is badly needed. Music just lifts our spirits and playing it makes such a big difference to how we feel about our lives.

If you are an adult or a parent of a child or teenager who’d love come in for some lessons, this information is to let you know what we’ve already done so our In-School classes have run safely since the end of Lockdown in June 2020.

  • If you read testimonials from our students, you’ll see we have a very strong community spirit which is where safety starts- in our attitudes towards one another. We’ve seen all of our students gladly follow the guidelines to help keep each other, themselves and us safe.
  • We offer a Hybrid programme so if some weeks students don’t feel 100% or it does not suit to travel into the school, you don’t lose anything. Students can do their class by Livestream instead.
  • We allow flexible Livestream rescheduling to make it easier for students to take part in a class because we know a lot of last minute changes can come up.
  • All of our Team have been fully trained in COVID 19 safety and this is regularly repeated with our designated COVID 19 Safety Officer.
  • Students are spaced out 2 metres apart and all of our class sizes are capped.
  • Teaching rooms have air purifier units to quietly filter and clean the air.
  • Consistent wiping down procedures takes place between classes.
  • We control the number of people in the school. Only prebooked students enter and drop off is at street level. (For new young students we will arrange for a parent to wait in our waiting room until they’ve settled in).
  • There is a 10 minute period in between classes so students coming and going are less likely to cross paths.
  • Hand sanitiser and wiping down materials are available in all rooms.
  • There is bathroom access if people prefer to wash their hands.
  • Everyone brings their own guitars
  • Please note that face coverings are not legislatively mandatory in a music school but everyone is very welcome to wear them in addition to the 2 metre distancing.

When you come into our school you will be pleasantly surprised that we have kept the lovely feel of our school while implementing all the COVID 19 safety guidelines.

It has not been necessary to make it an intimidating space with yellow posters everywhere.

Leave it to our Team to be watchful that everyone follows these fundamentals so that you or your child can focus on HAVING A GREAT TIME PLAYING GUITAR!