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Upcoming Events

This page contains info and dates for our upcoming livestream events, masterclasses, free webinars, free taster sessions, and short courses. You can sign up for these right here or on Evenbrite. You can check out some of our past events on our YouTube channel: www.usom.ie/youtube

Free Guitar Night Live

Guitar Night Live is a webinar series from Ultimate School of Music, featuring top professional guitarists talking and playing – and answering your questions LIVE!

Saturday 19th September @ 8pm

Free Lesson For Beginners

 Have you been looking for a chance to take your very first step with guitar playing? Now’s your chance! Have you been thinking about learning to play guitar?

Saturday 8th August 8pm

Free Lesson For Intermediate Guitarists

Are you having understanding how to use the modes when you solo? In this free 45 minute lesson, we’ll show you how to use the Mixolydian mode when soloing

Monday 17th August 9pm

Short Course: 4 Week Course in Fingerstyle Guitar For Beginners

Next course starts Thursday 24th September 8-9pm Irish Standard Time

A livestream, fun and interactive course for beginner guitarists, who’ve been struggling with basics like playing chords and strumming. If you’ve been trying to play the guitar for a while with no success, or you have a guitar and you just haven’t gotten around to learning yet, then this is the course for you.

Course Reg Starts 15/9/20 ⬇️

In this 4-week course, you will learn how to

  • learn 4 different fingerstyle patterns
  • apply them to chord changes
  • learn exercises for strengthening plucking hand
  • get a better sound from the strings when you pluck
  • strengthen rhythm when plucking
  • learn techniques to vary the tone for better expression