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Group Guitar Classes For Teenagers

Hybrid format (In-school + Livestream) group classes running NOW
and a few remaining places are still available

Our school has a great track record of helping teenagers with an interest in guitar and love of music develop into great guitar players! Whether they are a total beginner or already have experience playing, we’ll help them go a lot further with their playing and their self confidence so they can be proud of what they can do.

We know how much pressure there is on teenagers both academically and socially. The environment we create at the school aims to help students to get away from these pressures so they can relax playing music, have fun, get creative and be themselves. We truly enjoy teaching and listening to teenagers- they keep us relevant and up to date whether it’s about the music they listen to or what life is like as a teenagers in today’s world.

Our focus is to help teenagers enjoy learning to play guitar and to develop a life long love of music. We do not teach the guitar exam grade system. But because of our emphasis on practical learning and song playing, many of our students who have done music as a Leaving Certificate subject have excelled in their practical music exams.

If your teenager joins Ultimate School of Music here is how we will approach teaching them:  

Our guitar classes for teenagers involve playing lots of music together as this really helps improve their timing, rhythm and musicality. Those that want to learn to improvise can do so, whereas those who prefer to play an accompanying role can do that. Relevant music theory concepts are introduced gradually in an interesting way to complement their interest in learning – not to extinguish it!

Enjoy Listening to Some of Our Teenagers Playing Here:

Here Are Some of The Things Parents Say About Our Teenager's Guitar Lessons:

I don’t know much about the different theories or methods of teaching music, but from what we’ve experienced/observed, your emphasis on instilling a genuine passion for music (regardless of ability) seems to be the perfect foundation for lifelong engagement and self-directed learning/development. Far better than developing proficiency on an instrument without any real love of playing music.

Our daughter’s progress on guitar (regardless of external metrics) has also had obvious self-esteem benefits. As contemporary wisdom tells us – “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today”. Guitar has increasingly become one of her ‘go to’ places/activities to decompress from the pressures of life.


Miles E

My daughter has attended USOM for the last few years. It’s been brilliant! Her guitar skills have come on leaps and bounds, she loves her classes and it’s developed her passion for guitar. Daniel, Lisa and Team USOM are so supportive and encouraging.

Andrew B

Our son has been with USOM for nearly 2 years. Since the start, the level of tuition, variety and above all, encouragement from the USM team has been exceptional. The chance to play live in theatre venues, and elsewhere with the school has greatly enhanced his playing and confidence. It has been a really good experience for us in every way.

Susan R

Our son has been learning guitar at the USOM for less than a year now. Not only are we astonished at his progress, but we are delighted with how happy he is to go to class. He absolutely adores the teachers and always has a laugh. He is developing a genuine love for music, which is a true gift.

Alice R

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