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Guitar Classes For Teenagers

Livestream, In-School, and NEW Hybrid Programs Are Available NOW

In light of the ongoing difficulties, we're extending our "25% off your first month" if you sign up before 1st November​

Our school has a great track record of helping teenagers with a passion for guitar develop into great guitar players! Whether they are a total beginner or already have experience playing, we’ll help them go a lot further with their playing and self confidence so they can be proud of what they can do. Many teenagers have tried lessons elsewhere but lost enthusiasm, if this is the case please encourage them to give us a try. We’ve seen the sheer relief in many parents’ eyes when we have reignited their teen’s enthusiasm for music.

We offer both Livestream classes as well as a Hybrid programme which lets students do a mixture of In School Lessons and Livestream Lessons. This gives students the best of both worlds which can help with busy family schedules or emergencies.

We know there is a lot of pressure on teenagers both academically and socially. The environment we create at the school allows students to get away from these pressures and relax with music, so they can have fun and get creative.

This is how we approach teaching teenagers:

  • We keep all classes fun and enjoyable so they have a good time and some laughs
  • We teach them songs that THEY want to learn!
  • We create a friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere where all musical tastes are respected and individuality is encouraged!
  • We provide plenty of inspiration and guidance but we encourage teenagers to drive their own progress by deciding what they want to learn.
  • Giving them opportunities to create and perform their own music in front of an audience
  • By listening to them… we learn a lot from our teenager about what music they listen to, as well as what life is like as a teenagers in today’s world

Our guitar classes for teenagers involve playing lots of music together, as this is the way they learn best. This method really helps students improve their timing and rhythm. Those that want to learn to improvise can do so, whereas those who prefer to play an accompanying role can do that. Music theory concepts are introduced gradually and taught using songs as examples of how chord progressions work. We believe in the saying “theory and practice should go together”.

Covid Safety Notice

Since being allowed to reopen in mid-June, all students and teachers are being spaced 2m apart and regular cleaning takes place. There is access to hand sanitizer and cleaning products in every room. All staff have been comprehensively trained on Covid safety. We have been successfully running like this since June

Try this approach for your teenager and see how they get on! When you fill in the form below, we’ll get back to you to arrange a free introductory session, and take it from there.

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