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How To Choose A Guitar Teacher

Choosing the right guitar teacher for YOU is critical if you want to achieve the guitar playing results you are hoping for.

This might be the very first time you are setting out to find a teacher, or you might have chosen one before based on price, geographical location, or because you already know the teacher as a friend or family member.

We would suggest that there are a few factors that you should research which are MORE important than any of these three…

  1. Does the teacher you are considering taking lessons with show an interest in finding out about YOUR musical interests, goals and likes? Too many teachers teach all their students the same way, either putting them through grade exams or the exact same teaching syllabus.
  2. Does the teacher you are considering have multiple formats? Too many teachers offer only traditional formats.
  3. Does the teacher you are considering travel to your house? While it can be very convenient for you, we have found that students really benefit from attending a school for music, where they can interact with other students. The social aspect of music is very important!
  4. If you research several teachers or schools, and they vary in price-range, make sure you factor in the RESULTS that you or your child will get! Results not only in guitar playing, but also in confidence levels, enjoyment of the experience, and ability to play the guitar in different situations (parties for example). If you go for the cheapest option, you aren’t likely to get the best results. All guitar teachers are different, so try to find out what it is you will GET for what you pay.
  5. Does the teacher you are consider have a good track record in the style you are most interested in? This is perhaps the most important factore in choosing a guitar teacher. If you want to play jazz, don’t go to a metal teacher. If you want to play blues, don’t go to an Irish Traditional teacher. Obvious stuff. But if they do match your preferred style, then find out if they have gotten good results previously with students. If they haven’t then you may be just a guinea pig for them to try out untested teaching methods. A teacher who has a great track record will be more likely to be able to produce the same results for you.