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What Kind Of Guitar Should You Buy To Get Started?

To get started playing the guitar, you need to decide whether you should buy an electric or an acoustic guitar. The key factor in choosing between these two is what music you most want to play.

If you want to play:




-Fingerstyle music like country, or old blues

Then you should buy an acoustic guitar. We recommend starting with a nylon string guitar, although a good steel string guitar can also be good. Try both in a guitar shop and see which one you prefer. You should budget €200-400 for your first guitar – this way you will get something that plays well, sounds good and is enjoyable to practice on. If you spend less, you will end up with a guitar that makes learning more difficult and frustrating!

Whereas if you like:


-Electric blues

-Jazz (especially post 70s jazz)



Then you need an electric guitar! Don’t believe the old saying that you should start on an acoustic – start on electric straight away! It’s more fun and you will be more motivated to play as you get nearer to playing all the music you really want to play.