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How To Be As Good As Your Favourite Guitar Player

Do you wish you could play guitar just like your favorite guitarist? You’re not alone. Tons of guitar players have the goal of playing like their favorite guitarists. However, only a small few ever come close… but it’s not because they lack natural talent.

Anyone has the potential to become a truly great guitar player (including you). No matter what skill level you are at now, remember: your favorite guitar player was at that same level or lower at some point. To learn how to play like your favorite guitarist, take the following steps:

Study The Specific Style Of Your Favorite Player

Don’t simply listen to the music of your favorite guitarist – study them in depth. Look at the specific way they phrase their guitar solos. Observe the techniques they play with, how they combine different techniques together, their songwriting methods, their rhythm guitar style and anything else you can think of. Once you have an in-depth profile created for your favorite player, it is easier to pin down the specific things you need to practice to reach their level. Set goals for yourself to play their music perfectly in a consistent manner. Work on performing (not just playing, but performing!) their songs without making mistakes. Play the techniques they use using exercises or licks at a set tempo. All of these things can be set as specific goals to work towards. Setting goals in this manner makes your practice efforts more productive.

Have Your Own Musical Goals

In addition to practicing to become as good as your favorite player, remember to have your own independent musical goals. Having an entirely different set of musical goals ensures that you continue developing as an overall musician and keeps you from becoming too narrow in focus with your guitar playing. After all, once you can play as good as your favorite guitarist, you still want to have your own unique playing style, right?

Practice With An Effective Schedule

As soon as you have set your musical goals, it is crucial that you understand both what to practice and how to practice it in order to reach them. The best way to do this is to take guitar lessons with an experienced teacher. Working with a teacher gives you access to many years’ worth of expertise and insight that you would never have while learning by yourself. This keeps your practice time efficient so you don’t end up wasting your efforts working on things that won’t bring you closer to your ultimate musical goals. This gets you more results, and helps you get better faster.

Take Lessons With A Great Guitar Teacher

Finding a great guitar teacher helps you reach any musical goal fast no matter what you want to achieve. Here are the key steps to take to find the right teacher for you:

1. Determine the specific musical style you want to play in.

2. Find a guitar teacher who teaches in that style.

3. Observe that teacher’s website to see that he/she has guitar teaching credentials and has taught countless guitar students who have become great players.

4. Contact this guitar teacher and discuss your musical goals in as much depth as possible. Tell them all about your strengths and weakness, what you want to achieve and any other details that may be helpful. They will create a plan to help you accomplish whatever you want to do fast using guitar exercises, lessons and training that is all part of an overarching strategy.

5. Begin taking lessons and enjoy the process of becoming a great player.