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Livestream Online Guitar Classes

Fully interactive, livestream guitar classes with instant feedback and all the fun of learning as part of a group.

Free Introductory Session

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Beginners Class

Struggling with the basics of playing guitar? Like changing chords, strumming, picking out tunes and learning easy songs? Then this is for you. You will learn to play easy songs at first, with clear, easy-to-follow instructions, and as your playing improves you will move on to more challenging material.

Intermediate Class

Want to take your playing up a notch? Improve your picking, soloing or learn more difficult songs or solos? Want to improve your knowledge of the fretboard? Our intermediate course offers a custom made program, which can focus on whichever areas of playing you choose, whether it’s sweep-picking, fingerstyle, blues soloing, or playing chords to accompany yourself singing.

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Happy Students

I’ve always wanted to play guitar and have had a number of starts over the years. I never quite got past the basics and my confidence was low. Then I found Ultimate School of Music and haven’t looked back. I’m always just the right amount of challenged. Highly recommend!
The classes are great fun too, I always leave in a good mood!
Surprisingly, when the classes moved to Zoom during the lockdown they continued to be as fun, and I find them just as effective as real life classes. Highly recommend to anyone!
The classes are full of great tips so you're always improving each week. It's fast becoming the highlight of the week! 4 months later and I can confidently pick up a guitar and play a couple songs which I thought was never going to happen so fast. Thr quick transition online during Covid-19 has been great! The standard of teaching [on zoom] hasn't dropped. It's been a great distraction during a difficult time.

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