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Private Livestream Guitar Lessons For Adults

Our experience has shown we get excellent results from our group format, where weekly
classes range from 50 to 110 minutes long. Our group format and structure offers a great
social aspect, and group classes are ideal for skills such as ear training, soloing and rhythm. Because our classes are extremely practical our students get a lot of quality and productive playing done in class with access to a teacher.

However we are increasingly being contacted by musicians and advanced hobbyists working on very specific issues, so we now offer 30 minute Private Livestream lessons for adults.

You can also use the Private Livestream lessons to help build your confidence to the point where you’ll be ready to join our fantastic group classes.

The number of slots available are extremely limited.

You can buy a minimum of 4 Private Lessons that run over 4 consecutive weeks on the same day and time.

We truly want the best results for our students. 30 minutes is a very short amount of time
for practical playing and our Private Lessons will not be reschedulable – use them or lose

So we ONLY recommend you take our Private Lessons if you:

Prices will range between € 177 – € 197 for four 30 minute lessons.
Timeslots available are:


6pm to 6.30pm

6.30pm to 7pm

9.15pm to 9.45pm


6pm to 6.30pm

6.30pm to 7pm

9.15pm to 9.45pm

If you would like to take Private Lessons with us please contact us directly by telephone on
01 284 4412 or 083 457 2883, or email us at info@usom.ie.

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