Online and In-Person Guitar Lessons at Ultimate School of Music

Private Livestream Guitar Lessons For Adults

Our students get excellent results from our group format where weekly classes range from 1 to 2 hours. Group lessons are our speciality and focus- this is the format we LOVE. We want students of all ages and ability to benefit from learning and playing music alongside others. The way we run our groups gives enormous confidence and enjoyment.

Our USOM community is very friendly so our groups have a lovely welcoming feel.  Our group structure maximises improvements in music skills like rhythm, timing, ear training and soloing. During class students get LOADS of quality and productive playing done (as well as plenty of fun). The teacher will make sure each person is working at the right challenge level and will check in to answer all questions. Each student will be certain they are on track.

We do have a handful of Private 30 minute Livestream Lesson slots but they are ONLY available for:

(More about the 3-2 System here)

These lessons are NOT reschedulable – use them or lose them

30 minutes is a short amount of time and we want people to get the most out of their lessons. So we only accept students into Private slots if they:

**If you are a hobbyist who prefers Private lessons then you will be better served at a different school.

Private Livestream Lessons are sold in a batch of 6, and run over 6 consecutive weeks on the same day and time. They are not reschedulable – use them or lose them. (If you rather have the flexibility of being able to reschedule, check out our Premium Membership here).

Prices are € 295 for six 30 minute lessons plus a € 30 registration fee


To take Private Livestream Lessons with us please contact us directly by telephone on
01 284 4412 or 083 457 2883, or email us at

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