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Tortoise and the Hare


Are you a Tortoise or a Hare when it comes to guitar playing?

You know the story right? Two old friends, Tortoise and Hare, met up every now and then. Hare liked to make fun of Tortoise’s slow gait.

“You are one slow piece of work dude. I could run a marathon by the time you get from here to that tree!” Hare told Tortoise.

“Oh yeah?” Tortoise replied, unable to think of any snappy comebacks just at that moment.

“That’s right” said Hare. “If you don’t believe me let’s have a one mile race.”

So the race was on. They got a couple of friends to stand at the starting line and the finish line, Mole and Badger. Mole counted them off: “Ready, Steady, Go!” Hare raced off, leaving Tortoise in the dust. When he got about halfway around the racecourse, Hare thought “I’m so far ahead, this is easy. Think I’ll take a quick nap right here under this tree, I’ll still easily beat this slow Tortoise.”

Hare fell fast asleep. Tortoise slowly and steadily keeps moving. First he reached the place where Hare lay snoring under the tree. Then he quietly moved past towards the finish line. Hare woke up to see Tortoise crossing the finish line way in the distance. “Tortoise WINS!” shouted Badger!

When it comes to playing guitar, if you’re a Hare, you might make really fast progress one week, only to stop for 3 or 4 weeks. Then you will find it REALLY hard to get back into it! All your momentum will be gone. If you’re a Tortoise, practicing a bit here, a bit there, slowly but steadily improving – you will become GREAT one day! All those little steps add up. I definitely would rather be a Tortoise!